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Inspiring stories of some of history’s most outstanding heroes and heroines are brought to life by the animation studio of Richard Rich, former director of Walt Disney Productions™.

Create a positive learning environment for your children today.  Through these biographies, the Nest Complete Learning System™ helps develop core curriculum knowledge, skills, and builds positive character values by promoting personal, social, and civic responsibilities.

Each DVD is Interactive with over 30 questions, 3 levels of skill, and score results.   There is a Principles Guide for Parents & Teachers, Story Summary, and Chapter Access.    Each DVD is also bi-lingual (Spanish & English both Audio and Subtitled).  Each DVD also comes with a Resource & Activity Book (in download~PDF format) with 3 Challenge Levels, Variety of Fun Activity, Discussion Questions, Test Assessments,  and much much more.


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Sample from Harriet Tubman DVD.

Overall Theme:
Harriet Tubman wanted all her life to be free.  She learns of the“underground railroad” and escapes to the Promised Land.  Claiming that she can never be free until her family is free, Harriet journeys back and forth rescuing 300 slaves on 17 different missions.
Harriet Tubman (circa 1822-March 10, 1913) served as an African-American abolitionist, intelligence gatherer during the Civil War, a refugee organizer, a raid leader, nurse, lumberjack, cook, and fundraiser. Born in Maryland, Araminta Ross led 17 dangerous missions as a runaway slave, freeing over 300 slaves from the Confederate South.
Harriet Tubman has never tasted true freedom.  Having been born and raised into slavery, she works hard and does what she is told.  However, she longs to be free and hopes to escape to the Promised Land.
After learning about an “underground railroad” and of a Quaker woman up the river who helps slaves escape, Harriet makes up her mind to flee.
Once at the Quaker woman’s home, Harriet learns that the Underground Railroad is a route guided by “conductors” that leads to the North.  She goes forward and makes it to the main station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once there, she is surprised to learn of the many different routes slaves are able to take to freedom.  Hearing of her sister’s and family’s preceding sale, however, Harriet vows she will never be free until her family is free.  Against the stationmaster’s warnings, she heads back South.
Harriet continues to go back and forth from the North to the South and becomes known as the “Moses of her people.”  Despite a $40,000 reward posted for her capture, Harriet successfully rescues her entire family and 300 slaves on 17 separate missions to the dangerous Confederate South.To this day, Harriet Tubman is still remembered as “The Moses of her people.”Her selflessness and disregard for personal safety—along with her deep faith in God—enabled her to aid the escape of enslaved family members and many others.From 1849 to 1860, she continued to help slaves escape to the North through the Underground Railroad.